Bialetti Moka Induction Red 4 Cups


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A stylish and classic design, this Moka induction espresso maker from Bialetti creates up to four espresso cup sizes of authentic and tasty coffee.

The bi-layer design has an internal layer of aluminium for even heat distribution and an outer layer of stainless steel making it suitable for use on all hobs, including induction.

Elegantly handsome, it features a luxurious dark finish. Bialetti recommends washing with water and ensuring it’s completely dry before storage. It’s advised to not use coffee that is too finely ground. Using a Bialetti Moka can be daunting to newcomers, but once you know the basics it’s easy to produce a high-quality cup every time:

  • Grind your coffee – freshly ground beans will give the best cup of coffee
  • Add your water – fill the brewer to the line in the bottom of the brewer section
  • Add the filter and coffee – insert the filter basket into the brewer, then fill the basket with coffee
  • Attach the sections – screw the top and bottom together
  • Heat your coffee – place it on a moderately hot stove, angling the handle away from heat if not an induction stove, and leaving the lid open. Coffee will start to bubble into the top section
  • Pour the coffee – once the coffee has stopped bubbling, pour it into your preferred mug

Be careful not to use too much heat when making the coffee – this can cause bitterness in the drink. Ensure you remove from the heat once the coffee starts emitting lighter coloured steam or the steam becomes audible, or the coffee may taste burnt.