Taiwan Fish Cracker Bundle [ 2 Packs ]


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Fresh fish is made by hand. The real handmade method of the old-fashioned
master chef. The nostalgic taste is crisp and crisp, which is expected to be imported. Low-oil, high-calcium healthy food, non-greasy and non-sticky, refreshing taste, and matching beverages The beer is full of flavour and can be paired with snacks, wine, side dishes, and travel.

First place in the top ten souvenirs in New Taipei City ‧ The first choice for Taiwanese gourmet souvenirs

“Product Content”
‧Commodity ingredients: fresh fish, starch, sugar, refined salt, vegetable oil, seasonings

‧ Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and open the package Please eat as soon as possible afterwards. If you cannot use it up, please seal the bag to keep the flavor delicious.