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Japanese knife production have a long tradition starting from the 16th century. Knife-making by hand still thrives and today's modern technology have combined to spread the fame of fine Japanese cutlery. All Japanese knives have handles made from Sakura wood.


Usuba knives are for cutting, slicing, chopping and mincing vegetables. Lighter than cleavers. Deba knives, a little heavier with a curved spine, are for cutting

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10cm Deba Knife 25134


15cm Deba Knife 25135


16.5cm Santoku Knife 25155


16.5cm Usuba

16.5cm Usuba Knife 25146 


24cm Sashimi Knife 25144


30cm Sashimi Knife 25126 

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All our products are available at leading department stores - Isetan outlets, Metro Centrepoint, Mustafa, OG outlets, Robinson's outlets, Takashimaya and Tangs outlets.

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