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Jarmay proudly brings you the brand of Kokumori, from Taiwan.

Red yeast (anka) food products have been used in China for over a thousand years. In addition to its natural vibrant red color, red yeast possesses a unique, pleasant aroma and may be used in food preservation. As a result, there has been unceasing development regarding the use of red yeast in alcohol and vinegar brewing, cuisine and, even, modern health food production. Red yeast is extremely valuable to the maintenance and improvement of health.

Red yeast’s unique "flavor" and "color " are perfectly suited for use in modern, health-conscious, home-style cuisine — fried rice, kimchi, braised soy sauce dishes, noodles, pastries, or beverages, for example. Knowing how to take advantage of the splendor of this product, you will definitely be able to eat your way into a healthy, vibrant life.

Mirin is the most superior of the Japanese fermented condiments. Its main ingredient is glutinous rice. Mirin has a sweet, winey flavor that is created through the fermentation process. It is a flavor that is entirely superior to that of granulated sugars or gourmet spices. At the outset, then, Mirin naturally became an important ingredient of the royal kitchens of the Japanese imperial family. Nowadays, it is a favorite of households and food production companies alike.

Mirin can act as replacement for granulated sugar and other flavor enhancers — MSG for example. It may also be used to make food taste sweet but not overly rich. Mirin not only helps to improve the taste and texture of food it also may be used to soften meat and augment a food’s flavor and luster. It, therefore, has become a rising star amongst Japanese condiments. In addition to its role in Japanese cuisine, Mirin is also used in Chinese dishes such as dumplings, pork dumplings, noodles, cakes, grilled fish, fried burdock, braised meat, and prepared frozen foods. Although Mirin is not as sweet as sugar, it is still able to bring out the full flavor of an ingredient. Mirin is an indispensible ingredient of Japanese-style teriyaki dishes, in which its ability to ensure freshness is unfathomable.

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