Bialetti Mokissima Coffee Capsules Machine Manual Trio Espresso Capsules Compatibles


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**NOT Suitable for Nespresso Series Compatible Capsules*

Bialetti – MOKISSIMA – Red & Black Colour

Versatile, fast and easy to use in order to prepare great coffee, tea and herbal tea at one time. Mokissima is a revolutionary machine with a compact and functional design designed to make the coffee rite even more extraordinary. Finally the Mokissima is closed system! To be used exclusively with “Caffè d’Italia” and ideal for tasting our herbs and infusions. The horizontal position of the capsule in fact allows the best dispensing of our herbs and infusions. Greater cream in the cup thanks to the greater power and strength given to the delivery. The space for the cup has been expanded, allowing the use of larger cups and mugs to be able to taste you and Bialetti infusions. Optimal coffee extraction and most important water flow are guaranteed by setting the pump to 15 bar. Reduces vibration during operation, thanks to the optimization of the pump damping system. Easy to use! Integrated standby function has been introduced, with automatic shutdown after 10 min, which allows a consumption of less than 0.5Wh as per regulatory requirements. A significant improvement in energy usage performance.

-7grams per capsules according to international standards

-Unique 2 in 1 function offer the perfect espresso or tea

-Energy Saving Function

-Flexible brew volume

Tradition meets innovation. There are shapes that can never be forgotten. The inimitable design of Moka Express combines with high technology for offering you the real Italian Espresso. As good as the one as the bar. Not only it bring your the coffee you require, it also bring you the tea you desire.


Unique and charming thanks to the sinuous shape that recalls the one of the historical Moka Express

Thermo-Block Boiler

For a flawless coffee, to taste a consistently hot espresso starting from the first one in the morning

Perfect Coffee Extraction

Thanks to the well-improved internal brewing system, to assure you a pleasant sensory experience

Mokissima is a revolutionary espresso machine designed to make the ritual of coffee even more amazing. The nconfondibile design takes the form of Mokona: Compact and functional, occupies 42% less space than the previous model. You press a button and savour an espresso aromatic and full-bodied.