Mokissima Capsule Machine – Red


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Mokissima Black. Versatile, fast and easy to use in order to prepare excellent coffee, tea and herbal tea at one time.Mokissima is a revolutionary, compact and functional design designed to make the coffee rite even more extraordinary.The horizontal position of the capsule allows the best dispensing of our coffee, herbs and infusions.Greater cream in the cup thanks to the greater power and strength given to the delivery. The space for the cup is large enough to allow the use of larger cups and mugs. An optimum coffee extract and important water flow are guaranteed by setting the pump to 15 bar. Excellent cup temperature from the first coffee thanks to the pre-heating function.Integrated standby function with automatic shutdown after 10 minutes, which allows consumption of less than 0.5Wh.Reduced vibration during operation, thanks to the optimization of the pump cushioning system. Easy to use!