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In this celebratory version, the Moka Express becomes tricolor. A hymn to the ritual of preparing real Italian coffee, an iconic product that since 1933 has been the undisputed symbol of Made in Italy all over the world Conditions of use 1. Start by pouring the water at room temperature into the Moka boiler and fill it up to the level of the safety valve. Do not exceed this level to avoid getting too watery coffee. 2. Now choose the blend of ground coffee you prefer. Warning! The mixture must have a specific grind for Moka, not too fine. Generously fill the Moka funnel, without pressing the coffee. 3. A little secret? Set the fire to low and take your time; to enjoy an excellent coffee it is worth waiting a few more minutes. When the coffee has completely risen in the collector, turn off the heat. 4. Now the crucial moment: the taste. To best savor all the aromas released, we recommend that you drink the coffee just poured into the cup.